Crew Repatriation

We offer a flexible assistance where it concerns your crews.  Our package consists of meet and greet, hotel booking, transferring and facilitating all immigration processing while ensuring that all documentation is in terms with the law. Indoceanic Services is able to assist ship owners with a wide range of services related to crew changes. Our team offers a speedy, flexible, efficient and operative crew change service with highly competitive costs. We collect the crew members from airport assisting them safely on board and when is necessary we also arrange suitable hotel accommodation according to requirements. Booking reservations and personal assistance activities are executed by the agency. We undertake to clear all On and Off signing crew at our local immigration office, and for which we need in advance all personal details along with the full voyage itinerary.

Transit of Arms and Ammunition

We as Port Agent we facilitate embarkation/disembarkation of both armed and unarmed security guards for protection of vessels crossing the HRA for safety measures during their transits. We also provide the importation and exportation of weapons and ammunitions and other accessories by air freight and obtaining relevant licenses, transfers and storage.

Custom Clearance of spares

We provide fast and efficient services to our customers. Our team is here to handle all procedures and custom clearance. We have a fast track Custom Clearance team which can clear your goods arriving through airfreight and sea freight. We offer quality shipping, storage and customs services through many ports. We understand the importance of offering a complete and personalized shipping service.

Medical Assistance

Caring for our customers is indispensable. Our excellent local knowledge with hospitals and clinics ensure that we facilitate for safe and efficient transportation for injured/sick passengers or crew. Sick crew are treated in local clinics offering high level of service until recovery and repatriation.

Berth/ anchorage booking

We ensure the smooth and safe incoming/outgoing of ships. We also arrange for tug assistance and water taxis.

Loading, unloading and securing cargo

Our professional team liaises with terminal operators to ensure a precise, efficient and smooth cargo handling.

Husbandry Services

Our well coordinated husbandry service includes: Safe Hull cleaning Dry docking Provision of fresh water Spares clearance and delivery Garbage disposal of all categories Sludge removal Supply of bunker fuels

Lloyds Agency

As Lloyds agent, Indoceanic services is committed to offer safe and secure 24hr coverage for our clients.

Partners & Affilations